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A chemical research and development as a core business, and continuously from the base material solutions innovation is the driving force micro-macro forward. Our firm belief in innovation and quality demonstrates our difference. We offer innovative solutions for advanced power systems and technologies, and to maintain environmental concerns and responsibility.

Wentai basic materials research and development of energy and always will give top priority to ensure that technology leadership. In the wave of cohabitation industry updates, we uphold the idea to a future, focus on material development and battery systems manufacturing sectors to ensure continued development and exploration in order to provide customers with the most advanced and effective solutions.

Relying Wentai Energy Technology Centre continue to develop and explore, Wentai energy in China and Europe has nearly 300 patents and patent applications core materials science and battery technology, leading technology set medium-sized enterprises for the industry.

We are committed to the search for better materials for many years the production method, in order to meet today's and future requirements of high-performance batteries. High-performance materials has incomparable superiority in practical applications, the binding energy Wentai unique technology and the ability to achieve more than 80% of the core material of intellectual property rights, and has manufacturing and quality control advantages "In-house" production system, ensure that the final Finished reliable performance;

on the basis of continuous innovation, advanced power Wentai energy to provide customers with solutions that combine the latest in battery technology, in order to ensure long cycle life battery system, rapid charge and discharge and safety performance.

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